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L-G refusing to release funds for aided school teachers’ salaries: CM

L-G refusing to release funds for aided school teachers’ salaries: CM

Narayanasamy accuses Bedi of returning the file for grant-in-aid suggesting scrapping of the scheme

Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy has charged Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi with putting the government in an “embarrassing and critical position” by declining to approve release of funds for aided schools.

Mr. Narayanasamy told presspersons here on Thursday that the government had sent a file to Ms. Bedi seeking her approval for releasing funds to 35 aided schools in the Union Territory. But Ms. Bedi returned the file recommending the government to scrap the release of funds to the schools in a phased manner.

This was highly unacceptable, he said.

Stating that detailed guidelines had been framed by the government for release of grants-in-aid and the present rate of grants was fixed in 1957 in the Union Territory, Mr. Narayanasamy said the Lt. Governor did not have any right to interfere in the policy decision of the government.

A sum of ₹44 crore had been earmarked and approved in the budget tabled in the Assembly for aided schools. This included ₹2.92 crore as subsidy towards salaries to teachers and ₹58 lakh as pension for retired staff.

The Chief Minister said the aided private minority schools were providing quality education and catered to the needs of children from economically disadvantaged and middle class families.

The halting of grants-in-aid in a phased manner would affect over 26,000 children studying in these schools, he said.

Contradictory stand

On one hand, Ms. Bedi had been visiting aided schools and making assurances that salaries to teachers would be released immediately and on the other she has made recommendations to scrap the grants-in aid.

Alleging that the Lt. Governor had been misusing her official position and intervening without authority in the routine administration of an elected government, the Chief Minister said that he had drawn the attention of Ms. Bedi on several occasions to her overstepping the statutory limits. But Ms. Bedi had been going in her own way.

Revival of mills

Mr. Narayanasamy said a committee constituted to go into the issues prevailing in the Anglo French Textiles (AFT) mills, Swadeshi and Bharathi mills had submitted its report with recommendations to the government. The Cabinet will soon take a decision on this report.

The government had sought the permission of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to sell land belonging to the mill at Pattanur to carry out measures for smooth functioning of the mill.

Investors’ meet

Niti Aayog has planned an Investors’ Meet in Puducherry in December. The government has a land bank at Sedurapet in Puducherry and Karaikal and will work to woo investors to the Union Territory, he said.

Education Minister R. Kamalakannan, Parliamentary Secretary to Chief Minister K. Lakshminarayanan were present.

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