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Wary of losing power if I take firm decisions: CM

Wary of losing power if I take firm decisions: CM

‘But I will complete full term through political management’

Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy said he was wary of being ousted from power if he took firm administrative decisions in the present coalition arrangement, but added that he will complete his full term through “political management”.

Speaking at an interaction programme with Vice-Chancellors of various universities in the State and academic experts here on Wednesday, Mr. Kumaraswamy sought to remind the audience that he was heading a coalition government and could lose power if he took firm a stand. While appealing to the Vice-Chancellors to take steps to improve the standards of education, Mr. Kumaraswamy regretted that the state of affairs in appointing Vice-Chancellors in the State had been ruined.

He held even politicians responsible for this. He said that politicians will only be strategising whether power should be given to the Governor or Higher Education Minister or should it rest with the Chief Minister. “Our minds will think about these aspects. Neither will the government think about improving the quality of education nor will the Governor,” he said. “Even though we are claiming that we will improve, the state of education is continuing to fall,” he said.

The Chief Minister said he would like to improve the standard of education in the State.

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