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Elephant rescued in Hassan

Elephant rescued in Hassan

Elephant rescued in HassanThe female elephant that was stuck in mud and had fractured its leg near Kadagaravalli in Sakleshpur taluk for the past few days was rescued by the Forest Department on Tuesday. A team of officers and veterinarians succeeded in lifting it.

The elephant was spotted trying to get out of the mud on Monday. It was accompanied by a calf. Senior officers of the department visited the spot on Monday and got in touch with veterinarians. The operation to lift the animal began on Tuesday morning. To begin with, the calf was separated from the scene with the help of tamed elephants. The veterinarians administered medicine and later it was lifted with heavy machinery.

The doctors suspected the animal had a fracture and would take time to stand. They decided to monitor it for a few days and then decide whether it should be shifted to an elephant camp.

Deputy Conservator of Forests Sivaram Babu, RFO Mohana V.S, Dr. Nagaraj and others were at the spot.

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