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Senior citizens get back land from children

Senior citizens get back land from children

Senior citizens get back land from childrenCollector invokes legal provisions; hopes it will teach younger lot ‘a lesson’ about caring for elders

An elderly couple, abandoned by their children, got relief from the district administration, which retrieved five acres of land that they had transferred to their two sons seven years ago, and returned it to them.

For Collector K.S. Kandasamy, this was a way to teach children who abandon their elderly parents a lesson. Soon after Kannan, 75, and his wife Poongavanam Ammal, 57, of Vedanatham village, Kilpennathur, petitioned him during a public grievance redressal meeting on November 19, he ordered officials to take action under the provisions of The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007. Under the Act, any person who is in possession of the property of a senior citizen or inherits the property, should maintain the senior citizen.

Seeking independence

Mr. Kannan told the Collector that they transferred their property to their two sons believing that they would take care of them.

However, the couple were not provided with food or clothes. They also complained of physical assault by their younger son. They requested the Collector to help them get back a portion of their property – 60 cents – from the children to be able to earn a livelihood.

Procedures to cancel the pattas assigned to the children and transfer them to the couple were initiated by the revenue division. On Monday, the Collector handed over a patta effecting transfer of 2.12 acres of land to Kannan and another for 2.85 acres of land to Poongavanam.

“The couple was firm and did not want to depend on their children. They wanted to earn their own livelihood. So, we took action and got back their property from the children. This will serve as a lesson for the younger generation,” Mr. Kandasamy said.

He observed that the district administration was receiving several petitions from elderly persons seeking old age pension. “Some of them are in a pathetic condition. Many persons who have children say they do not have children and apply for pension,” he said.

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