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‘No leave for teachers violating attendance rule’

‘No leave for teachers violating attendance rule’

‘No leave for teachers violating attendance rule’Varsity Registrar says decision was taken at a recent Executive Council meeting

The Jawaharlal Nehru University has said it was decided at a recent Executive Council meeting that appropriate action will be taken against faculty members not marking their attendance.

The university said concerns were raised during the meeting over some faculty members refusing to adhere to attendance rules that have been in place since August 28, 2018. “The matter regarding marking of attendance by JNU teachers is not sub judice and the decision was taken by the statutory bodies of the university,” said Registrar Pramod Kumar.

In case of faculty members applying for leave, he said, the university was seeing information regarding their adherence to the attendance rule and not granting leave to those few faculty members who were defying the rules of JNU as well as the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Last week, JNU Professor Nivedita Menon said she had to pull out of the Kappen Memorial Lecture she was to deliver in Bengaluru on Friday because she was not granted leave by JNU. “The JNU administration has taken a decision not to process any applications from faculty, from leave to medical bills, unless they comply with an order to sign a register for attendance daily,” she had told the organisers in a letter.

Prof. Menon had said the decision that students, including research scholars, should mark attendance daily has been challenged in court and is sub judice, during which period the JNU administration is prohibited from coercing students to follow the attendance rule.

“The JNU faculty has refused to sign attendance as we continue to teach and work as we always have, with sincerity and commitment, and will not be coerced into the petty bureaucratic conception of teaching and learning being forced upon us,” she had written.

The university had said its Executive Council had decided to implement the attendance rule for teachers as per the UGC’s Minimum Qualifications For Appointment Of Teachers and Other Academic Staff, and Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) Regulations, 2018, which JNU had adopted.

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