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Traffic Police adds selfie filter to Signature Bridge

Traffic Police adds selfie filter to Signature Bridge

Traffic Police adds selfie filter to Signature BridgeCops have a tough time when it comes to controlling people who throng the bridge to take pictures

Visitors at the newly inaugurated Signature Bridge are risking their lives to strike poses for the social media, with the policemen facing a tough time trying to stop them, said a policeman on duty at the bridge on Sunday.

To tackle the “selfie menace” the Delhi Traffic Police has deployed a police van with loud speaker that request visitors to decongest the bridge.

“People are climbing the bridge’s suspenders, walking on railings and climbing on their vehicles for the perfect shot. They are posing a threat to life of commuters by suddenly stopping their vehicles to click photos,” said a policeman, who was deployed to stop unauthorised parking in middle of the bridge.

After three people lost their lives two separate road accidents at Signature Bridge in two consecutive days, the police presence on the bridge were increased on Sunday. The Traffic Police has also installed barricades on both sides of the road to slow down speeding vehicles.

The bridge has become a major attraction in the city and people from all over the city have been paying a visit to take a glimpse and clicking a picture with it.

“It [the bridge] is a new attraction for Delhiites. Everyone wants to click a picture on the bridge, but the policemen are asking us not to do the same. It should not be done. It is a tourist attraction, the government should develop proper parking and other facilities for visitors,” said Surbhi Gupta, a visitor.

A policeman here said that entire day he keeps on asking visitors not to park their vehicles on the bridge or not to climb railings, but visitors do not refrain from doing “stunts”.

The railings in the centre are easy to climb. Visitors cross the roads recklessly that could prove fatal.

“We have barred entry of vendors to stop visitors from stopping to buy food or other things from them, but it has hardly made an impact. After sunset, locals from the nearby areas throng the bridge and make it tough for the policemen on duty to control the crowd,” said a policeman, who wished not to be named.

“We have deployed extra police personnel, a tow van and barricades on the bridge. Besides, a police patrol van has also been deployed,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Alok Kumar.


Visitors, meanwhile, complained that though the police presence is good enough on the bridge, stunt biking and eve-teasers start causing trouble to people here after sunset.

“Electrical fittings are still uncovered. Construction materials are scattered on the sides of bridge. Despite public urinal and many other basic facilities being unavailable on the bridge, the Delhi government has inaugurated it. Why was the government in a hurry?,” said Damoder Saha, a visitor.

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