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BJP MLA vows to quit over goons joining party

BJP MLA vows to quit over goons joining party

BJP MLA vows to quit over goons joining partyAnil Gote says he will submit resignation to Speaker on first day of winter session

Protesting against the Bharatiya Janata Party’s decision to allow goons and miscreants to join the party before elections, Anil Gote, party MLA from Dhule, announced on Monday that he would be resigning from his post. Mr. Gote also said that he would not be campaigning for the BJP in the upcoming civic elections in Dhule.

Mr. Gote said, “Despite my strong opposition, the BJP’s State leadership is facilitating the entry of a number of goons to the party. They told me that goons will become saints after joining the party. Had it been just one person, I would have accepted this explanation. But at present, gangs of goons are joining the BJP.” He said that the BJP would soon turn out to be a party that housed the largest numbers of goons.

The Dhule Municipal Corporation is slated to go for elections in the next few weeks. Two days ago, Mr. Gote, despite being the local MLA, was denied an opportunity to speak at a rally organised by the party as part of its election campaign.

He was allegedly manhandled on the stage in the presence of BJP State president Raosaheb Danve, Irrigation Minister Girish Mahajan and Tourism Minister Jaikumar Rawal. On the same day, Mr. Danve welcomed to the BJP the Sonar father-son duo, who are accused of brutally beating a police officer in 2013 and being involved in criminal activities.

Mr. Gote said, “I will be making the statement [on resignation as MLA] inside the State Assembly on the first day of the winter session and submit my resignation to the Speaker. I cannot work for goons.” He, however, added that he would remain an activist of the BJP and decide soon on floating an independent local front to take on his party in the civic polls.

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