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Cracker sale sees 30% dip

Cracker sale sees 30% dip

Cracker sale sees 30% dipOwing to restrictions imposed by Supreme Court, say shop owners

Ongolites set ablaze a 39-foot effigy of Narakasura that was stuffed with crackers to mark the decimation of the demon king by eagle-mounted Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama.

Organised by the Ongole Friends Club, the event was held on roads leading to the C.V.N. Reading Room and saw a girl posing as Satyabhama symbolically shooting an arrow to slay the demon as part of Deepavali celebrations.

Actors came in two decorated chariots on the Gandhi road and sang Telugu Padyams(poems) narrating the Narakasura Vadha legend. The audience enjoyed the re-enactment of the killing of the son of the Mother Earth by an actor playing Lord Krishna who hurled the omnipotent ‘Sudarshana Chakra’.

This year, sale of crackers saw a dip of 30% owing to restrictions imposed by the Supreme Court, said a group of shop owners at the PVRM boys high school grounds, which wore a deserted look.

However, vendors selling earthen lamps had a good business this year as people decorated their houses with flowers, rangoli and lamps marking the beginning of the ‘Karthika masam’, which involves prayers to the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, environmentalists, led by activist I. Rajasekhara Reddy, led a campaign saying no to crackers and distributed fruit-bearing tree saplings to people with a message to save the nature. They also distributed natural bath salts with essential oils, handmade organic soaps, scented candles and boxes of sweets.

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