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Geopolitics and sea power in focus

Geopolitics and sea power in focus

Geopolitics and sea power in focusTwo-day seminar begins at Indian Naval Academy

The fifth edition of the annual Dilli seminar on ‘Geopolitical impact of sea power’ began at the Indian Naval Academy (INA) at Ezhimala here on Thursday.

The two-day seminar being attended by several serving senior Naval officers, academicians, and experts began with the opening address by INA Commandant Vice Admiral R.B. Pandit. The seminar proceedings started with an invitational talk by former diplomat T.C.A. Raghavan on ‘Integrating the continental and the maritime in our foreign and strategic policies’.

The sessions on the first day included a presentation on ‘The Battle of Diu’ authored by Anupama Ghosh, and presented by Vice Admiral (Retd) Pradeep Chauhan. It analysed naval battles in the decade following Vasco da Gama’s arrival in Kozhikode and his voyages in the larger geo-politics.

The paper presented by Commander Yogesh V. Athawale on ‘Of places and bases — how naval strategy for trade protection impacted Anglo-French colonial rivalry in the Indian Ocean. The paper traced the background of Anglo-French rivalry, and its strategic, operational and tactical dimensions.

Conceptualising change

A paper by Rear Admiral Dhiren Vig, Additional Director General, Project Seabird, on ‘One Belt One Road’ discussed the Belt Road Initiative by China and its maritime dimensions. Another paper on ‘Assessing China’s Engagement in India’s Maritime Neighbourhood’ by Nitin Pai, co-founder and director of Takshashila Foundation, presented possibilities of conceptualising change and uncertainty and what India must do to promote national interests.

Capt. V.C. Mehra, Commanding Officer, INS Ranjit, delivered his paper on ‘Chinese Sea Power and the Belt and Road Initiative: A Mahanian Blueprint to Colonisation in the 21st Century’. It highlighted certain elements that are essential for developing sea power according to the book Mahan and the manner in which China is applying it.

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