Horrific ordeal: a victim of trafficking, rapes, abortion

Horrific ordeal: a victim of trafficking, rapes, abortion

Horrific ordeal: a victim of trafficking, rapes, abortionWoman from Assam flees captors in Capital, reaches police station; 3 arrests made

A 22-year-old woman fled home in Assam’s Hojai district over a month and a half ago after her father allegedly told her, “We do not care if you live or die”. She was then trafficked to Delhi, raped multiple times leading to a pregnancy which was aborted five days ago.

The police have arrested three persons in connection with the case who have been identified as Amarjeet Singh alias Lucky, Anwar and Sandeep.

Hails from Assam

On July 18, at 7 p.m., a lean woman wearing a salwar kameez, entered Mahendra Park police station and said something in Assamese which the officers could not understand because they did not know the language. “But she appeared traumatised, like something wrong had happened to her,” said a source.

Within half an hour, a person acquainted with the language was arranged and he translated the woman as saying, “I want to go home”.

Lured with job

Nasreen (name changed) told the police that she was from Assam and had come to Delhi with one Aminul whom she met in Guwahati. “He told me he would get me a job in a cloth manufacturing company in Delhi,” she said.

Nasreen, had fled her house, where she lived with her father, a farmer, her stepmother, and siblings. “I had fought with my siblings, so my father scolded and thrashed me. I was furious, so I left the house and took a train to Guwahati,” she said.

In Guwahati, she worked in a nutritional drink manufacturing factory for a few days where she met Aminul. “He did not do anything wrong with me. He brought me to Delhi.”

In Delhi, Aminul allegedly handed her over to two persons identified as Aabdin and Anwar who kept her in an accommodation in Burari for two days. “Those two raped me,” she alleged. In her statement, two Hindi words stand out — “galat kaam” — perhaps the only words she could learn as she endured the crimes committed on her.

In captivity

Two days later, she was allegedly sold to Amarjeet Singh alias Lucky and his wife Neha who kept her in their house in Sanjay Enclave near Mukarba Chowk for about a month till she managed to flee and reach the police station.

Sources said that they were able to reach Amarjeet because Nasreen had identified the house on July 19. The house, however, was allegedly found empty. After enquiring from the neighbours, Amarjeet’s number was obtained and his call records were examined. He was finally arrested on July 21.

During interrogation, he allegedly told the police that he had bought Nasreen from Aabdin and Anwar for ₹10,000. Anwar was arrested from Burari the same day.

Talking about the month she stayed with Lucky and his wife, Nasreen claimed that she was sent to multiple places for days at length including once at a ‘spa’ in a mall in Sonipat and a few privately owned houses. “There were a lot of men who raped me. I hated when they touched me, but Neha used to beat me when I showed reluctance,” she said. A raid was conducted in the mall and Sandeep, a customer, was arrested.

The victim also said that she was sexually assaulted by Amarjeet in the initial days. During interrogation, he allegedly told the police that “he has to teach the staff when they are starting out”.

Medical examination

Nasreen’s ordeal did not end after police intervention. When her medical examination was conducted on July 19, it revealed that she was a few weeks pregnant. Sources said that when she was informed, she got scared to go back home and said, “My parents will call me a prostitute”. She was then counselled and told about various options, including abortion.

After she informed the team that she did not want to keep the baby, the investigation team sought medical opinion and arranged the documents required to be produced before the court. After court permission, the child was aborted five days ago. “It pained a little but I am okay,” she said.

How did she manage to flee? Nasreen said that Amarjeet was not at home and Neha was busy in the house when she sneaked out quietly. “They had stopped locking me in the room a few days ago.”

Others absconding

Sources said, so far, Aminul, Neha, and spa owners Saheb Singh and Simran are absconding. An FIR under Indian Penal Code sections of sexual exploitation, confinement, causing hurt, rape and criminal conspiracy, and sections of Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act has been registered.

The police have informed the North-East Cell of the Delhi Police and Assam Bhavan while the victim is staying at a shelter home. “I just want to go home,” she insisted.

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