11 waterfalls in Kondapalli forest area get names

11 waterfalls in Kondapalli forest area get names

11 waterfalls in Kondapalli forest area get namesCollector promises to promote adventure sports at these places

The word ‘waterfall’ conjures a distinct image of an idyllic, semi-secret place that can be accessed only by committing to an arduous hike through the woods. This, of course, doesn’t have to be the case always.

What if you come to know that there are almost over 100 waterfalls on the fringes of the city you live in and that some of them are worth a visit?

Look no farther than the Kondapalli forest range on the city outskirts. Yes, there are over 100 small and big waterfalls in the dense forest cover, according to members of the Vijayawada chapter of Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI).

Based on their explorations as part of regular trekking in the Kondapalli, Donabanda and Mulapadu forest areas in last 12 years, they have identified 11 big waterfalls. Keeping in view their significance and geographical location, the YHAI Vijayawada chairman N. Vishnuwardhan has suggested names to these waterfalls which have been approved by District Collector B. Lakshmikantham.

In a meeting held on Saturday night, the Collector gave his approval after a power point presentation on these waterbodies to explain their distinct features.

Not many people know that the Kondapalli forest cover cradles these hydronyms that have been attracting groups of adventure enthusiasts for years.

The names given to waterfalls include Kongu Dhara (Kondapalli), Nemali Dhara (Mulapadu), Kheera Linga Jalapatham (Mulapadu), Madhulamma Teertham (Donabanda), Sapta Swara Dharalu (Donabanda), Chitti Tumburu Kona (Donabanda), Seethakokala Gundam (Mulapadu), Kudi-Yedamala Jalapatham (Mulapadu), Vanamali Jalapatham (Kondapalli), Baby Chitrakoot (Kondapalli) and Jadala Kolanu (Kondapalli).

Trekking routes

A discussion on the 21 trekking routes in these three forest areas also came up following which the Collector assured that the district administration would promote adventure sports at these places.

Krishna District Tourism Officer Velaga Joshi, YHAI Vijayawada unit vice-presidents Ratna Prasad and Krupakar Rao, secretary Mallikarjun, treasurer Abdul Khaliq and others were present at the meeting.

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