Surya Grahan 2018: All you need to know about Solar Eclipse 2018

Surya Grahan 2018: All you need to know about Solar Eclipse 2018

Surya Grahan 2018: All you need to know about Solar Eclipse 2018A solar eclipse or Surya Grahan is going to occur today when the moon will obstruct the way between the sun and the earth. The world, today, will witness one of the breathtaking visuals of a partial solar eclipse. During a total solar eclipse the entire Sun is obscured by the moon for a brief period of time. However, in a partial eclipse the moon blocks the sun partially. Partial solar Eclipses are witnessed more often and happens frequently.

People will witness the second lunar eclipse of 2018 today. The last solar eclipse of 2018 is likely to occur on 11 August, 2018. Meanwhile, the social media is abuzz over several speculations related to Solar Eclipse, mainly because this solar eclipse falls on 13th date and on Friday. 13th date in many popular cultures has been associated to ill-effect and supersitions.

According to experts the eclipse will be visible in various parts of Southern Australia such as Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as in Stewart Island on the far south of New Zealand. The visual of Solar Eclipse will not be visible to many and only a small part of Antartica would be able to watch the eclipse. Nevertheless, locations around Pacific and Indian Ocean would be able to see the eclipse better. People, in India, eager to witness the Solar Eclipse may need special glasses,lenses and camera as the eclipse is not likely to be viewed with naked eyes.

Solar Eclipse 2018: Time of the Partial Solar Eclipse In India 

The partial solar eclipse or Surya Grahan would begin on 13th July 2018 at 07:18:23 am and go on till 08:31:05 am, according to Indian local time.

Surya Grahan 2018 (Solar Eclipse) Do’s and Dont’s

According to experts the intake of food, do’s and dont’s during an eclipse differ too. Most of the people these days do not follow these practises. Some sections of modern sciences do nottstick to the idea of following the idea of refraining from food or water but Ayurveda practitioners believe that staying away from food during the eclipse is advisable. Ayurveda believes that in the absence of sunlight, the bacteria tend to get active. In amatter of fact one should also avoid cooking at this point of time. People who are sick, tired or old can stick to satvik diet(easy to digest meal) instead of fasting for an hour to maintain your electrolytes feed your body with fluids like tender coconut water or just plain water.

The eclipse would last for a duration of 1 hour 13 minutes. And the next solar eclipse of 2018 will occur on 11th August this year. That eclipse would also be partial and not total.

Solar Eclipse 2018: Significance and Myths Surrounding A Solar Eclipse 

The solar eclipse of 2018 is an event to look out for only because it falls on Friday the 13th. According to NASA, there has not been a solar eclipse on Friday the 13th since December 13, 1974. There are many beliefs and myths associated with this date across the world. Many people belive that this hour of Solar eclipse should be utilized to medidate. However, in olden days the period of solar eclipse was believed to be an inauspicious event as the main energy providing source sun is not clearly visible.

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