Portable system to issue rail tickets

Portable system to issue rail tickets

cThe P-UTS can issue tickets without network and work independently for 3 days at a stretch

A low-cost Portable Unreserved Ticketing System (P-UTS) has been developed by Southern Railway to eliminate printed card tickets and issue unreserved tickets at the 5,000-odd halt stations in the railway network, other remote locations, and at melas and large congregations.


The P-UTS consists of a thin client, monitor, keyboard and a thermal printer, meeting the specifications of the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), which handles the passenger and ticketing system of Indian Railways.

These components are housed in a compact box of 20x16x6.5 that weigh 9 kg.

The P-UTS unit can be charged with the required amount from the serving railway station and UTS tickets issued up to that amount.


Pre-loaded with ticket image, the unit prints the railway ticket on getting the command. The P-UTS can work independently for three days at a stretch.

An extended counter of the UTS at a remote location that can be used without any network connectivity, the P-UTS can be synchronised with the UTS server at the serving station after the value is exhausted.

In-house trials

After successful in-house trials, Southern Railway on Friday forwarded the P-UTS for the approval of the Railway Board and to define it as a regular UTS terminal.

Once the nod is obtained, the software and required applications will be uploaded by CRIS and the P-UTS will be put on trial in 10 halt stations. A team led by Principal Chief Commercial Manager, Southern Railway, Priamvada Vishawanathan and the Chief Commercial Manager (Passenger Marketing) J. Vinayan are behind the innovative P-UTS.

Closing down presses

The P-UTS has been developed as Railways are closing down printing presses under it and phasing out card tickets. The P-UTS can issue UTS tickets from any non-networked location.

Mr. Vinayan told The Media that they had plans to introduce online payment of the ticket charges collected and online synchronisation of the P-UTS.

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