SP Ring Road is Ahmedabad's path to dusty death

SP Ring Road is Ahmedabad’s path to dusty death

SP Ring Road is Ahmedabad's path to dusty deathAHMEDABAD: Speed thrills, but it also kills! goes an oft quoted road accident adage. For SP Ring Road, this seems to be the new normal. A research carried out with Charutar Vidya Mandal’s BVM engineering college has pointed out that on an average mean speeds on the ring road are anywhere between 49kmph and 44kmph, while the maximum peak speeds were registered between 80kmph and 73kmph for vehicles.

The research claims that high speed, irregular road geometry, improper signage makes commuters and road minorities like pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheeler riders vulnerable. The study has claimed that the land use pattern along the SP Ring Road corridor varies from residential, commercial to agricultural. The traffic volume count showed a maximum number of vehicles were two-wheelers which shared 30.64 % of traffic volume while cars/jeeps/vans shared 27.17%.
“Apart from the unusual land-use pattern, the roundabouts and intersections on SP Ring Road were most vulnerable to accidents,” said professor A A Amin. He added that the maximum accidents took place in the month of October.

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