‘All should join hands for SCS’

‘All should join hands for SCS’

‘All should join hands for SCS’Emulate movements of Gujjars and Patels, says sadhana samithi

Pratyeka Hoda Vibhajana Hameela Sadhana Samithi convenor Chalasani Srinivas on Sunday said only a concerted effort by all political parties and people from all sections of society would enable Andhra Pradesh achieve the Special Category Status.

He said the lukewarm response to the SCS and the occasional reaction by political parties were lowering the image of AP. “People in North India are mocking at the lack of commitment among the leaders of AP. On the other hand, the BJP is spreading propaganda that it had fulfilled 85% of the bifurcation promises as per the AP Reorganisation Act of 2014. Those who are not joining the SCS movement should be branded as traitors,” he said.

He said Andhra Pradesh should emulate movements of the Gujjars (in Haryana) and the Patels (in Gurajat) and teach the Centre a fitting lesson.

He said already trade unions, farmers’ outfits, students unions along with lawyers, medical and teachers outfits had pledged their support and exhorted others to join the fight.

CPI State secretary K. Ramakrishna said the BJP was all set to unleash its State leaders to launch a campaign to highlight its contribution to the State. “The time has come to intensify the struggle for the SCS and all major political parties like the TDP and the YSRCP and join hands.”

He said the Samithi was planning to involve students in a big way and evolve a plan of action as soon the education institutions were reopened. “Students in high schools, colleges and universities will be told about the bleak future due to the denial of SCS.”

Railway zone

He said it was unfortunate that the Centre had granted only ₹1,500 crore for the formation of the new capital city. “It appears that the BJP is deliberatively neglecting Andhra Pradesh with an ill intention.”

He said seminars would be held at Kadapa and Visakhapatnam to highlight the importance of the steel plant and the rail zone . “At Ramayyapatnam, a meeting will held to highlight the importance of the port.”

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