Power cut goes into extra time, households left in dark

Power cut goes into extra time, households left in dark

Power cut goes into extra time, households left in darkPANAJI: It was a dark Sunday for many families across the state, especially in Tiswadi who waited endlessly for power supply to be restored, despite the electricity department assuring that power supply would be restored at 6pm.

The planned power shutdown at the Kadamba and Verna substations left many parts of Tiswadi, Vasco, Verna, Nuvem, Cortalim, Majorda with no power supply. Residents were also left with no power supply in Carmona.

While some areas including parts of Ribandar and Calangute were left with no power supply during the entire day, restricted power supply was provided to residents in Panaji and some parts of Tiswadi through alternate arrangements made from Ponda, Bicholim and Povorim substations. The shutdown that was scheduled till 6pm extended well beyond the time.

It was an agonising weekend for many families. Those with no gas connections and dependent on induction cookers headed out for meals.

Panaji: The extended power shutdown pushed the consumers patience and mounted their hardships.

Despite having a gas connection, Pratiksha Mundye was unable to use her mixer and ordered Chinese food for the family on Sunday. The erratic power supply couldn’t power their lift either, forcing the family who live on the seventh floor to restrict their movements on Sunday.

A resident from Nuvem said she couldn’t pump water in the morning and was also unable to iron her clothes, a task she usually reserves for the weekend. In Merces, residents have been receiving interrupted power supply for the past few days. “Our sleep has been disturbed and my pickle business is also getting affected. I have to use the mixer/grinder as soon as I wake up in the morning as I can’t be assured there will be power supply after that. I also have to use the sealing machine to seal pickle packets during the short bursts of power supply that we have been receiving during the day,” a resident from Vaddy, Merces says, adding that she plans to follow in the footsteps of her neighbours and install invertors.

“We pay our bills on time, but what are we getting in return? The department should compensate us for the hours we don’t receive power supply,” she says.After her stabilizer was affected as well as her neighbours’ TV and ceiling fan, Maria from Corlim is taking no changes. “I switch off all appliances including our ceiling fans when there are power interruptions. This has been happening over the past few days,” she told Media.

S da Silva, frustrated with the power cut on the night of June 1, drove his wife and cranky baby from Sancoale to Vasco and Margao to escape the unbearable heat. “We have regular powercuts, but this one made me so mad considering this government cannot manage basic services, but goes out of its way to push things like Outline Development Plans and issue permissions to controversial real estate and hotel projects in the name of narrow-minded version of development,” he says.

In Porvorim, power fluctuations affected Joel Cordeiro’s electricity meter. “I have to spend Rs 4,000 for a new meter for no fault of mine. It is frustrating,” he told Media.

Public relations officer and executive engineer C H Rajagopalan attributed the delay in restoration of power supply to Tiswadi to the rains. He also stated, “We had to shift the 110 KV line from Tivim to Kadamba plateau that was passing through the proposed garbage plant and through private property. This was a time consuming job. It is also the last Sunday we get to complete the last leg of maintenance work before the monsoons,” he said.

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