New land registration policy from June: Chandrasekhar Rao

New land registration policy from June: Chandrasekhar Rao

New land registration policy from June: Chandrasekhar RaoA ₹5-lakh insurance scheme for farmers will be introduced, sasy Telangana CM.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday announced that a new policy for land registration and an insurance scheme for farmers with a coverage of ₹5 lakh would come into force next month.

The Life Insurance Corporation of India would implement the insurance scheme with the State government paying the premium on behalf of farmers.

Insurance documents would be given to every farmer and it would be left to him/her to propose the nominee. The modalities were being discussed with the LIC, he said reviewing the implementation of Rythu Bandhu at Collectors’ conference here.

Mr. Rao asked the Collectors to update and maintain land records to precisely fix ownership, as otherwise, the implementation of the new policy would not be possible. He said the revenue machinery must not rest till the completion of distribution of pattadar passbooks and cheques as part of Rythu Bandu and rectification of land records. The pattadar passbooks must include all land transactions as of date.

Admitting that some mistakes were bound to creep in in a gigantic task as this, he asked the Collectors to take it up as a challenge and work for achieving accurate results. The reorganisation of districts has made the job easier for Collectors to supervise. This was a favourable outcome for Collectors and, therefore, they must discharge their duties with more commitment.

Mistake in entries

He expressed dismay over not just mistakes in entries, but incomplete information in records despite the work spanning over one hundred days. The farmers were inconvenienced due to technical mistakes and human errors. Some were yet to receive their passbooks, he pointed out.

Mr. Rao asked the Collectors to set aside passbooks and cheques of farmers who have refused to link their Aadhaar numbers. A special policy must be evolved for issue of passbooks and cheques to NRIs who could not return to the country to collect them.

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