Factionalism rears its head again in film industry

Factionalism rears its head again in film industry

Factionalism rears its head again in film industrySome have called for Vishal’s resignation from TFPC

A section of producers from the Tamil film industry including T. Rajendhar, Radha Ravi, Bharathiraja and Radhakrishnan questioned the functioning of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) president Vishal and demanded his resignation.

Criticising Mr. Vishal, Mr. Rajendhar questioned the manner in which the general body meetings of the TFPC had been held and asked why nothing concrete had been done yet to control video piracy. “When questions were raised about the funds during the general body meetings, there were no answers,” he alleged.

Actor Radha Ravi alleged that while the TFPC had said that the release of small films would be regulated and only a few films would be allowed to release at a time, the council hadn’t been doing so.

“Mr. Vishal had initially said that movies should be released only in around 200-odd theatres but his movie was released in over 300 theatres this Friday. I initially thought the council should be questioned only towards the end of its two-year term but there have been several roadblocks including how members of the FEFSI had to suffer during the strike,” he claimed.

He further said, “Mr. Vishal had said that he knew the persons behind illegal websites such as Tamil Rockers but why hasn’t he come forward with their names and taken action against them.”

Referring to recent allegations that Mr. Vishal had been involved in a deal with another movie production house, producer Suresh Kamatchi said he had not responded yet about his alleged involvement.

“We have heard that the production house might be involved in video piracy. As someone who has constantly been saying that he will take down video piracy, why hasn’t Mr. Vishal responded yet,” he questioned.

When asked about the allegations levelled against the council president, the TFPC said that there was no truth in them.

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