Puducherry a safe place for women, says Kiran Bedi

Puducherry a safe place for women, says Kiran Bedi

Puducherry a safe place for women, says Kiran BediUrges counselling centres, anganwadis, beat officers, SHGs and NGOs to work jointly

Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi on Tuesday said the condition of women and families was far better in Puducherry than in other States because of the efforts of the Family Counselling Centres (FCCs) and anganwadi system.

“We need to build on this system and add more strength by interlinking women beat officers, SHGs and NGOs to the network and make it as an ideal model for all Union Territories and States in the country,” she said, inaugurating a two-day orientation training programme for counsellors and FCCs.

Puducherry would become more safe if all these agencies worked jointly, she said.

‘K model’

Lauding Welfare Minister M. Kandasamy, Ms. Bedi said in jest that the coming together of the five can be dubbed as the ‘K Model’ or the ‘Kandasamy model’ since he was holding the departments of Welfare and Labour. Skill development of women would be of help and assistance could be provided through the Mudra scheme to support micro enterprises.

Children who dropped out of schools could be taken care of and no family should feel neglected. The intervention of the five agencies would be of great assistance to the families. Women would also be linked to Lok Adalat for mediation on case-to-case basis, she said, adding that this would be done so that no woman felt alone anywhere.

Praising Ms. Bedi for her intention to effect reforms in the Central Prison in Puducherry, Mr. Kandasamy pointed out that his appreciation of the Lt. Governor might give a different impression altogether to the audience. “It is my right to quarrel with Ms. Bedi and at the same time I would appreciate her which is also my right,” he said. He endorsed the Lt. Governor’s view that all welfare schemes, including the free rice scheme, reached the poor.

Mr. Kandasamy recalled how the previous AINRC government had adopted different yardsticks for extending educational assistance to the students. He was of the view that the affluent need not be given assistance.

But these schemes introduced by the previous regime had come to stay and it would be difficult to modify, he said. He appealed to the rich, the MLAs and the Ministers to come forward and detach themselves from the schemes meant for the poor.

The Minister said the ordinance providing death penalty for rape of girls below 12 years was a step in the right direction.

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