Soon, a one-stop app for all transport-related services

Soon, a one-stop app for all transport-related services

Soon, a one-stop app for all transport-related servicesDelhi Transport’ mobile app to provide a host of facilities to users

Close to a year after it was conceptualised, the Delhi government is scheduled to launch a one-stop mobile app for all things transport, said government sources.

From providing instructional study material to people applying for driving licences to making complaints against overcharging autorickshaw drivers, the eponymous ‘Delhi Transport’ app is intended to do it all. The app can help users plan inter-State journey on State-run buses, and even assist in applying for fancy vehicle registration numbers.

Training material

“The app will be a multi-functional tool. It will also be integrated to portals such as Sarthi and Vahan, operated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), which offer services such as allowing applications for fresh drivers’ licences, and registering new vehicles,” said the government source.

The Media was the first to report on the conceptualisation of the app in a report on June 3, 2017.

“It will provide training material for applicants for fresh drivers’ licences, allow application for fancy registration numbers, allow registration of complaints against autorickshaw drivers, which will be acted upon in a time-bound manner,” said a government source.

The instructional material will provide applicants with the basics about traffic signs to mock questions, which they may be asked before being considered fit to drive, said a senior government official, who described this part of the app as “a learning tool”.

In addition to training material, the app will also offer information on the documents needed by the applicants to apply for a licence, the official added.

The app is expected to come in handy for close to an estimated three lakh passengers using inter-State bus facilities across Interstate Bus Terminals (ISBTs) such as Kashmere Gate, Anand Vihar and Sarai Kale Khan, which operate buses to destinations in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan among other States.

The Transport Department estimates that over 2,200 inter-State buses operate from the three ISBTs. Kashmere Gate has the largest terminal in terms of number of buses from where over 1,700 such buses are operated daily. Anand Vihar records the highest daily footfall of nearly 1.5 lakh passengers.

“The app will furnish all the details related to such inter-State buses, including departure time, fare and types of buses available to places in other States. Initially, the facility to view live status of buses will be available only at the Kashmere Gate ISBT,” the official added.

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