Fire department plans to use 24×7 monitoring system

Fire department plans to use 24x7 monitoring systemPANAJI: The directorate of fire and emergency services has developed Safe Goa 24×7 emergency monitoring system (EMS) to monitor fire protection systems at all establishments from a single place in real time to ensure continuous functional fitness of fire protection systems and to avoid untoward incidents.
The department has innovated a 24×7 alarm system that uses IoT platform to monitor fire protection system (fire detection, fire alarm, gas detection and fire fighting system) in real time for ensuring continuous functional fitness of the fire protection system and not just when seeking no objection certificate from the department.

Director of fire services Ashok Menon said that based on IoT technology, it is proposed to integrate the Safe Goa 24×7 EMS with every structure having independent fire protection system.The focusison prevention rather than dealing withincidents after they have occurred, he said.

As per the plan, all vulnerable establishments will be connected to the command centre control room that wouldbeestablished at theheadquarters of the directorate of fire and emergency at Panaji.An automatic response from the command centre will alert stakeholders if their fire protection system goes off or develops some fault so that they can rectify it.
A senior officer said the system will monitor the response as itisintegratedwith automatic vehicle tracking system. The officer said the system cuts response time and optimizes the use of the firefighting fleet.

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