Mamata, KCR to hold talks in Kolkata

Mamata, KCR to hold talks in Kolkata

Mamata, KCR to hold talks in KolkataCMs expected to discuss the possibility of a future alliance.

The Chief Ministers of Telangana and West Bengal are scheduled to meet on Monday in the State Secretariat in Kolkata, Trinamool Congress [TMC] sources said.

“K.C.Rao and Mamata Banerjee are expected to meet on Monday after 4 p.m.,” said a senior TMC leader. Both leaders, who have already had a few rounds of telephonic conversations, are expected to have talks to forge a future alliance.

‘Enough reasons’

The official said the leaders have reasons to meet.

“They must have had enough reasons to meet after the telephonic conversation, and thus they are meeting,” the official said.

While Ms. Banerjee has been consistently talking about “one united Federal Front” over the last two years, Mr. Rao too has started advocating a third, independent front recently. Telangana has 17 Lok Sabha seats, while Bengal has 42.

TMC officials, however, are tightlipped about the nature of the front.

They even refused to comment on whether both the leaders are unanimous about a non-Congress, non-BJP alliance or there is a difference.

Earlier the month, Mr. Rao had advocated a non-Congress, non-BJP alliance for the 2019 election.

“I’m sure that following the crucial meeting, Ms. Banerjee will brief. She will clarify,” the TMC leader said. Mr. Rao may visit the Kali Temple in Kalighat, close to Ms. Banerjee’s house in south Kolkata, after reaching the city.

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