KRMB issues order for drawal of 33.77 tmc ft by TS, AP

KRMB issues order for drawal of 33.77 tmc ft by TS, AP

KRMB issues order for drawal of 33.77 tmc ft by TS, APOrder follows decision taken by three-member panel meeting on March 2

The Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on Tuesday issued orders for utilisation of 9.303 tmc ft and 24.467 tmc ft water by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, respectively, from the two common reservoirs — Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar — as the balance eligible share of the two States.

As per the assessment of the river board, the quantum of water available for utilisation in the two reservoirs as on February 28 is 33.770 tmc ft above the minimum draw down levels (MDDL) of 834 ft in Srisailam and 510 ft in Nagarjunasagar. The board has worked out the water share for the two States, subject to reconciliation of its data on utilisation by them as on Febraury 28. The water release order follows the decision taken at the three-member committee of KRMB held here on March 2, wherein the two States have agreed to meet the water requirements for March.

Member-Secretary of the board A. Paramesham stated in the order that the two States had agreed to share water in the ratio of 66:34 for 2017-18 water year, excluding minor irrigation and diversion of Godavari waters into Krishna basin.

Mr. Paramesham stated that Telangana had placed its water required at 46 tmc ft up to August, while AP put its requirement as 30.38 tmc ft up to May.

Similarly, the two States indented their requirement as 26.38 tmc ft and 19 tmc ft, respectively, for March taking the total requirement to 45.38 tmc ft. However, the board has issued water release order in tune with their balance eligible share after calculating the utilisation till Feb. 28.

The Member-Secretary also maintained that the two States had agreed to maintain a level of 520 ft in Nagarjunasagar till March 20 and 515 ft till March 31. “Consequent to the decision to maintain the agreed levels in Nagarjunasagar, water from Srisailam reservoir has to be drawn below MDDL by the end of March or even before that,” the river board official said. Water release from Srisailam to Nagarjunasagar should be through generation of power in the right bank power house at Srisailam and even the releases from Nagarjunasagar should be made preferably after power generation to derive the dual benefits, the water release order stated.

Similarly, the water release to AP through Nagarjunasagar Left Canal should be made simultaneously while releasing water to meet the requirements of Telangana under the canal to minimise transmission losses.

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