Not given up on Dravidian ideology, says Kamal Haasan

Not given up on Dravidian ideology, says Kamal Haasan

Not given up on Dravidian ideology, says Kamal HaasanKamal accuses parties of letting down people by commercialising politics

A day after launching his political party Makkal Needhi Maiam, actor Kamal Haasan on Thursday said that his party had given up neither on Dravidian ideology nor nationalism.

Talking to reporters here, Mr. Haasan said that he had entered politics announcing that his party has adopted Dravidianism and nationalism. “I have already said that if villages formed the nation, then tomorrow is ours. Similarly, I have entered into politics (on the notion) that Dravidian ideology is pan-India. So, I have neither given up neither on Dravidian ideology nor nationalism,” he said.

The actor added that the black colour in his party flag symbolised only Dravidian ideology.

Focussed on issues

Mr. Haasan, during his road show prior to launching the party on Wednesday, had said that he did not believe in harping on ‘ísms’, but was focussed on issues to be redressed for the welfare of the people.

“When people continued to ask me whether I am left or right, I said I am centre, which is in our party name now. We do not want to get into caste and communal politics. Our ideology is to achieve what other parties have failed to do,” he said.

The actor accused existing political parties of ignoring the genuine needs of the people and attempting to commercialise the whole political arena. “Our ideology is to provide whatever the just needs of the people are,” he said.

Asked about criticism from some quarters that his party’s organisational setup and flag looked like that of non-governmental organisations, he retorted, “What is wrong in it?”

On criticism

When pointed out that AIADMK leaders were criticising him, he said he would face every criticism that comes his way. “We will change ourselves if there is truth in their criticism,” Mr. Haasan said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Haasan released a short video message on Thursday night, urging people to sign up and join him to be a part of the ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam’.

“If you are happy and content in Tamil Nadu or if you believe that the politics and governance of this country has no problems, then this video is not for you,” he said.

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