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April 25, 2018
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Alliance with Rajini unlikely if he acquires saffron hue, says Kamal HaasanActor says he will wait for Rajinikanth’s manifesto to take a call

Actor Kamal Haasan has said a political alliance between him and actor Rajinikanth is unlikely if his friend acquired a “saffron hue”.

“I hope that his hue is not saffron. If this is the route he is going to take and the hue he is going to acquire is saffron, I cannot see a clear understanding between us unless he gives another explanation that convinces my rational mind,” Mr. Haasan said during an interaction at the India Conference in Harvard University, United States.

“We can exist as friends on one side, but polity is different. I am trying to make a difference to my State. Our general intent may be for the good of people, but I believe in a certain way in which good will have to reach the people. We will wait for his manifesto. I am coming out with my manifesto [on February 21]. It can’t be an alliance of lies or deceit. We will have to meet eye to eye on every point,” Mr. Haasan said.

In the keynote address, the actor said, “The apathy shown by the political class on the financial health and management, poor management of waterways and the gradual lowering of the bar in every aspect of society have affected the State. My true purpose today is to challenge the status quo and the mediocrity in politics that is plaguing the State.”

Making it clear that Gandhi was his mentor, Mr. Haasan announced his plan of adopting one village in every district in Tamil Nadu.

Model villages

They would be planned and re-imagined as villages of excellence and as model villages in the country. “I seek ideas, intellect, time and participation in pursuit of excellence,” he said.

The actor announced during his address as well as on his social media page that his website was up and running for people to register to be a part of his mission towards building a sustainable model village. It asks people to sign up under areas they think they can contribute to.