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May 27, 2018
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Countdown has begun for the Congress in Karnataka, says ModiState will soon be free of the party, its culture, corruption and crime, says Prime Minister

Setting the tempo for the BJP’s poll campaign in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday remarked that the countdown had begun for the ruling Congress in Karnataka and that it was already “at the exit gate”.

“Very soon, Karnataka will be free from the Congress as well as its culture, besides corruption and crime,” he said while addressing a huge rally at the Palace Grounds here to mark the culmination of the BJP’s 85-day Parivarthana Yatra.

‘Rule of criminals’

Launching a tirade against the Congress government, Mr. Modi alleged that the “rule of criminals” was prevailing in Karnataka than that of law.

“While the entire world is debating on ease of doing business and the Centre is thinking of ease of living, the Congress government in Karnataka is debating on the ease of doing murder,” he remarked, while expressing concern over the murder of several BJP workers under the Congress rule.

Mr. Modi maintained that if opposing the ruling dispensation would amount to posing a risk to one’s life, then the situation was dangerous for democracy.

He accused the Congress government of failing to effectively utilise the Central funds and take the benefits of Central schemes to the needy people of the State.

He alleged that the State had not spent ₹70 crore of the total ₹247 crore released under the Swachch Bharat Mission.

Accusing the Congress government in Karnataka of indulging in corruption, the PM said that it was being recognised as the “10% government” as 10% was being demanded for all works.

Mr. Modi redefined what he meant by the term ‘TOP’ priority of the NDA government. He said, “Those growing vegetables and fruits are among our top priority. When I say TOP, I mean whichever part of the country you go, three vegetables are very much visible — tomato, onion and potato.”