Infopark staff not content with safety steps

Infopark staff not content with safety stepsKOCHI: Though surrounded by ring of security, many Infopark employees said that they were not completely sure about the security at the park. The employees cited previous instances to question the efficacy of the systems that many companies claim to have.

“There are many employees within the park other than techies. Though there is strict checking on entering the park, labourers and contract workers get access without much verification. There are chances of them causing trouble as they have access to many parts of the buildings,” said Anand Nooranad, who is part of a group called Progressive Techies.

Anand recollected a recent event when a labourer was nabbed from the ladies’ washroom of Lulu cyber tower at the Infopark.”Employees handed him over to the police.Even though no untoward incident happened in that case, the event illustrated a severe breach of security in our work environ ment,” he said, adding that there is a need for proper verification.
Mitu Tigi, a city entrepreneur, maintained that the area was deserted by night.”It is not about security measures. There is a high chance that employees will be in isolated environments. The attitude of people staying at night is one of the problems. People having UK clients will have a shift from 12-9pm, the timing can be further delayed in the case of US clients,” said Mitu.

Meanwhile, Infopark marketing manager Arun Rajeevan maintained that they have the best security.

“The state industrial security force keeping a watch here apart from CCTVsurveillance and Pink Patrol for women safety . There are many labourers working in the park and `Infopark’ can’t directly verify each and every one of them. We rely on contractors and police for the same. The man who was caught from the women’s washroom was nabbed by our guards,” said Rajeevan, adding that all manual labourers can’t be branded as criminals.

“Anyone, including techies, can commit a crime. There is no need to divide employees based on their work field. They are also here to work just like techies,” said Rajeevan.

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